Our favorite itineraries are those that take you down extraordinary paths through different countries and cultures. We invite you to create a journey of discovery and exploration with us because adventure travel is about breaking out of your comfort zone, immersing yourself in different cultures and trying new things. If we can get you to see the world through someone else’s perspective then we’ve achieved adventure travel success.

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Sure, Mexico has amazing scenery and beaches but there is so much more to discover in this diverse country. Our top five adventure choices are petting the grey whales in the Baja lagoons, traveling through the Copper Canyon, biking the back roads of the Yucatan Peninsula, visiting San Luis Potosi for waterfall jumping and a week long horseback riding adventure near San Miguel de Allende.


This remarkable continent offers some of the most stunning and unique landscapes on the planet and has something perfect for every traveler. Whatever your pleasure, be it getting up close to the mysterious Moai on Easter Island, trekking to the mist-shrouded ruins of Machu-Picchu or taking in the colossal peaks of Patagonia, the adventures do not disappoint.


Visit the fascinating ruins of ancient civilizations, encounter the natural beauty of Costa Rica with its 100% Pura Vida, volcanoes and beachside playgrounds await you in Nicaragua and the reefs and rainforests of Belize are calling your name. One of the beauties of Central America is that everything is fairly close so it’s easy to create a “greatest hits” tour to several, if not all, of the countries on your Central America list.


The snow-covered mountains, icy glaciers, secluded lakes and exotic wildlife make Canada the perfect getaway for any outdoor enthusiast. We like the idea of a helicopter and fishing adventure in British Columbia. Or take a run through the East and West narrows of Haida Gwaii, viewing wildlife and combing the shorelines for Taan (black bear). Whatever your pleasure, Canada can accommodate.


Take a magical journey through the outer Mamanuca Islands and the remote Yasawa Islands of Fiji. Charter a private yacht for the ultimate experience in world-renown playgrounds such as Croatia, Greek Islands or the South of France. Get up close to nature on an adventure cruise that combines history, wildlife and exclusive encounters. We make it easy for you to customize your dream cruise vacation.